Aanbieding! Dutch Kazoo Overdrive/Fuzz

Dutch Kazoo Overdrive/Fuzz

Dutch Kazoo



 The Dutch Kazoo is a new fuzz with a unique original all-analog design. Its two-stage overdrive interacts with a blendable kazoo filter and tone control to present a palette of tones from slight overdrive to heavily saturated psychedelic fuzz to metallic noise. True bypass switching maintains the integrity of the guitar signal with the fuzz switched off. The innovative fuzz circuit was designed by high-flying high-fi guru JC Morrison.

The pedal offers a variety of sounds. The effect is really touch responsive, and maintains a guitar's original overtones. This keeps different guitars sounding different, too.

The Dutch Kazoo is hand-assembled in the United States using top-quality through-hole components with hard-wired jacks and controls.

The Dutch Kazoo is available in different designs

This is the Kazoo Design


€ 250.00 incl. BTW

€ 99.00

incl. BTW

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Dutch Kazoo
Dutch Kazoo

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