In the past few weeks, the news has broken that I’m retiring, along with my wife Nancy as she has stated on our social media platforms. We were thrilled at all the heartwarming responses we’ve received. We thank you for that! 

Daily we receive questions about: What happens with our large and beautiful store now? And that my friends, is an almost conscience question, something that every up and coming musician should ask him/herself. For me it's convenient, since I was 18 I was selling guitars with the utmost passion and enthusiasm. Dealing in music has, in my eyes been the most beautiful career I could’ve ever had! Tonika has been good to me, and now over a couple of months I’ll reach 65 years in age.  

I moved from the Oosterstraat to the Zwanenstraat in Groningen where I adopted the store from my previous boss, mister Boot. Here I became the youngest music dealer in the Netherlands. From there we moved to a much larger store at the Nieuwe Ebbingestraat. This is where Tonika truly grew up against cliffs. 

It had become clear to me now, that I wanted a large store that not only provided to the Dutch public, but also to our neighbours Belgium and Germany. This was the formula of success I believed. It was my dream to have one of the biggest music stores in the Netherlands, and by the end of the nineties the dream was fulfilled together with Nancy along the Regattaweg. 

We’ve been here for just short of 13 wonderful years and we’ve enjoyed every minute of it. There is never a dull moment in the music trade. We always worked with fantastic people and it was always resulted in a party, and as such we will remember it. However, this is also our queue to stop. The influence of webshops has risen massively since the nineties and only dealing with the price negotiation just isn’t our kind of thing.  

We’ve noticed that everyone has given us a heartful nudge to retire and go with pension. Our start of retirement starts around summer assuming the store has been sold clean. Until then we will be open from February 2019 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons between 13:00 - 17:00.

Outside hours we can be reached from . And on LinkedIn of course. 

Best Wishes Everyone!